I wasn’t quite sure what to think of the title of this YouTube video when it arrived in my e-mail today. Why would I need to listen to a clip from the Messiah (by G. F. Handel)—I’ve only played and/or sung it dozens of times, at least. However, taking into consideration the person that sent it to me, I was sure there would be something interesting, and it was only 43 seconds.

It turns out the audio clip was from the “Hallelujah!” chorus, the last piece in the second section of the Messiah. If you have the G. Schirmer score, it’s No. 44. Everything goes along fairly well, until the ending cadence. Instead of pulling just the “Tutti” stop (activates all voices on the organ giving it a very loud and full sound), the organist must have also mistakenly adjusted the “Transposer” control—which changes the key the organ plays in. The result: organ and choir are in different keys, which absolutely ruins the end of the piece.

Poor guy.