Here is a great story about Edwin and Agnes told to me by them a few years ago.

It was in 1932 and Agnes was pregnant with Mary Lou. They decided to go fishing down in the Keys along with Edwin’s best friend, Ferrin Pinder. The railroad to Key West was still in existence. I don’t remember which Key they went to, but they all got out of the car and walked down the trestle about half way between the keys. Every thing was going well when suddenly they heard a train whistle.

Ferrin sprinted for dry land and was able to make it. However because of Agnes’s pregnancy she couldn’t go fast enough to get to safety, and the train kept coming with the whistle blowing mightily. Quick thinking Edwin made Agnes lie down between the tracks and covered her body with his!

Thankfully the train passed harmlessly over them! Agnes told me that after Mary Lou was born she would cry and cry whenever she heard a train whistle.