I have heard that highly intelligent children often create imaginary friends for themselves. I must have been a highly intelligent child because I did just that when I was between four and five years old. But, from what I remember, my friend, the Invisible Boy, wasn’t very smart at all. As a matter of fact, he got me in trouble just about every time he visited.

There are two incidents that I still vividly remember involving the Invisible Boy (IB), but there were probably more I don’t recall. Yeah, that’s my story…

What do a new Volkswagen Bug with white leather seats, a blue BIC ballpoint pen, the IB, and me have in common? They were all in the same place at the same time, that’s what. If you just said “uh-oh” as your read that question, you’ve probably made this logical leap: someone took the the ballpoint pen and scribbled ALL OVER the white leather seats in the Volkswagen Bug. My story was that the IB did it.

Unfortunately, my mom, and her friend who owned the VW Bug, didn’t see it that way. In fact they never even saw my invisible friend. Somehow they didn’t buy the argument that an invisible friend of a pre-schooler had been the one to desecrate the once beautiful white leather interior of a new car with a blue ballpoint pen. That stuff doesn’t come off, either.

I guess it didn’t help that I was carrying the pen that the IB had used; or that I had admitted I was in the car at the same time that the IB did the deed; or that there was no other eyewitness to vouch for my innocence. If I had proper defense counsel, perhaps I could have demonstrated how the pen didn’t fit my hand, or I could have produced eyewitnesses who really didn’t see anything at all, but who would say they did anyway. Where was Johnny Cochran when I needed him?

I was beginning to think that the IB wasn’t a good friend. But I wasn’t ready to give him up. Not until he did something really bad.

To be continued