Robert was born March 21, 1921 in Homestead, FL. He married at a very young age and his wife’s (Margaret Lawrence) mother had the marriage annulled. Then after World War II, in which he served in the Pacific Theater, he came home, met Eileen Fay and married her. They had two children and the marriage ended in divorce.

Later on he met Rosa Mae Brown nee Hendrix. She was a widow with four children and would not marry Robert until all of her children were out of the nest. He waited for her for several years. Rose was from the hills of Georgia and had practically no education but Robert loved her dearly. Rose believed implicitly in everything Robert told her, so his perverted sense of humor had him telling her some things that were beyond belief, except for Rose.

For instance, he told her not to go near Doberman pinschers, as they didn’t bite, but gave a very painful pinch to “you know where”. Then he told her she should start saving all the plastic gallon containers she could find. She faithfully did this as he told her they were going to drive to the South Pole and grow corn and get rich but that there were no gas stations after they left Australia. A lot of nights after they went to bed he would pound on the wall and wake her up and tell her there was a large dangerous animal outside trying to find a way in and not to make any noise lest he should hear her.

I hope someone can remember the name of this horrific animal as it was extremely funny. Donna or Dianne?