Anyone who experienced Hurricane Andrew firsthand will never forget it.

This year (two days from now) is the 19th anniversary of one of the three most powerful hurricanes of the 20th century to hit North America. In all my travels through the internet searching for information about Hurricane Andrew, I’ve never seen the actual path of the storm indicated as I have today, August 22, 2011.

One of the things I remember about my mom’s recollections of Hurricane Andrew was that the eye of the storm passed over her home. She opened the door as the eye passed over, greatly to the disapproval of my father. I didn’t have that luxury, as I encountered the northern eye wall, and experienced torrential rain, devastating wind, and the fear of the loss of life without respite until the hurricane passed by. Unfortunately, she was given the false hope of calm that the eye of the storm bestows, only to be hit even harder by the eastern side of the storm.

Today, though, I found out something that seems staggering in hindsight. The official path of the center of the eye of Hurricane Andrew went directly over my mom’s property! Here’s a photo of the path to prove it:

The two larger buildings inside the circle, just a few yards north of the pink line, are my mom’s home, and the home of my brother, Dan, Jr. The smallest white building is a storage shed, installed well after Hurricane Andrew. It took the place of our barn, which was destroyed in the storm.

Take a look here and let us all know how close you were to the center of the eye!